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Disney’s Christopher Robin teaser trailer officially released

“Oh, Christopher Robin!”

Growing up, we all knew the animated cartoon characters who became our first TV best friends: Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, and of course, Piglet!

Now, with the reboot we DO need, Disney has released the first teaser trailer for Christopher Robin. It seems as if our Christopher Robin, played by Ewan McGregor, has lost his way. He no longer remembers what it once felt like to not be absorbed by his job. Within the first 20 seconds, we see Christopher at odds with his boss who wants to cut jobs from their company. After taking a breath on a nearby bench, Christopher exhales, “What to do, what to do, what to do…” It is at that moment, we hear the wise Winnie The Pooh respond, “What to do indeed.”

And… Wait for it… We hear Pooh utter, “Christopher Robin.”

According to EW, this film’s premise is not at all related to last year’s Goodbye Christopher Robin. Instead, this film will follow a different storyline: “The adult Christopher has returned from World War II and now lives with his wife (Hayley Atwell) and young daughter in London, where he works for a company selling luggage.”

Christopher Robin is in theaters August 3. Will you be watching? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix

Written by Ashley Bulayo

I reference anything and everything to Lizzie McGuire. Follow me on Twitter + Instagram: @ashleeeybash. I respond 99.9% of the time.