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DJ 4Korners and Ashton Adams Hook Up as 401 WST on “Our House” EP

DJ 4Korners and Ashton Adams team up as 401 WST, recently dropping their debut EP, entitled Our House, a three-track collection of songs merging house music and hip-hop.

The duo borrowed their name from the Canadian highway connecting their hometowns of Cambridge and Toronto. DJ 4Korners has performed at the Cannes Film Festival, London Fashion Week, Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi, and the Olympic Games, as well as being named Canada’s DJ of the Year and being the official DJ of the Toronto Raptors.

On his part, Ashton Adams’ exposure to the stylish sensibilities of old-school hip-hop along with the powerful thrust of heavy metal brings unique insight to the pairing. Together, the two artists offer music at once intoxicating and potently upbeat.

Their captivating sound reveals retro ‘80s savors combined with the hefty vibrating basslines and thumping kick-drums of hip-hop and the dazzling, electrifying momentum of house music. It’s a sound harking back to the heady days of Chicago when hip-hop and house were underground fixtures.

The EP begins with “Alive,” featuring Dom Vallie, opening on low-slung industrial beats topped by compelling colors. When the walloping kick-drum enters the tune takes on house drive, followed by rapping-lite flows as the rhythm assumes hip-hop dynamics.

“Real Quick,” features 100M’s, and rides a slow, low, and banging rhythm, throbbing with a thick rumbling punch and then segues into a propelling house beat, while deep vocals infuse the lyrics with luscious baritone muscle. Strident, seething synths deliver washes of luminous coloration, contrasting against the heavy brawn of the rhythm.

“Do The Damn Thang” travels on a classic house music crunch, blending a fat tech-house bassline with booming synths. Gourmet lyrics, subterranean and resonant, deliver pithy couplets about partying the night away on the dance floor.

Containing innovative layers of soundscapes – hip-hop and house – on Our House, 401 WST conveys feel-good music with robust impetus.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.