DNCE Celebrate “Cake By The Ocean” With Cakes… By The Ocean

When you think about the biggest hits of this last year, “Cake By The Ocean,” is probably one of the first songs to pop into your mind, and it is likely to stay there for quite some time with its undeniably crazy yet catchy chorus. It was first released on 18th September 2015 and since then, it has grown from strength to strength to become one of the most played and best loved songs of 2016. So what did singers DNCE do to celebrate the incredible success of their debut single? They celebrated with literal cakes by the ocean, of course!

The song has reached the Top 10 in several countries around the world including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, as well as topping the Billboard charts, being played on multiple television shows, movies, and advertisements, and becoming certified at Gold or higher by many recording industry associations. In Italy and the United States alone, it has been certified three times Platinum.

The success of the song has been so great that DNCE just had to celebrate it. They teamed up with Spotify to thank their most dedicated and loyal fans for helping them make, “Cake By The Ocean,” a worldwide smash. These fans can expect to receive cakes that were baked on the beach personally by band members Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee, and Cole Whittle.

Luckily, People were on hand to witness the celebration and to give us fans all the gossip! They sat down to chat with Jonas and Whittle to talk about the unexpected success of a song that was about a delicious snack by a huge body of water. (Okay, so we know that that’s not really what the song is about but we’re hungry and we need a vacation so that’s what we’re going with right now.)

“It started off as a misunderstanding,” bass guitarist Cole Whittle explained. “The producers we were working with were trying to tell a story about the cocktail Sex On The Beach and in Sweden they call it Cake By The Ocean. We found it hilarious so we ran with it.”

Throughout their short yet super successful career, DNCE have gained an army of fans from all over the world and during the interview, lead singer Joe Jonas revealed some of his most memorable fan experiences. He said, “We’ve had some pretty amazing experiences with our fans, and some crazy ones as well. I’ve had fans in my room when I didn’t expect it and that was very interesting.”

While Jonas and Whittle look like polar opposites, they have stated multiple times that they feel as though they are long-lost brothers separated at birth and if there is one thing that they can agree on it is that they are so thankful for their fans’ support and they hope to show their appreciation for it by sharing handmade cakes with them.

“We had an overall idea of what cakes we each like,” Jonas said. “We’re going to be surprising fans with our favourites. Me personally, I’m a red velvet guy… With a little alcohol in the recipe!”

Now we don’t know about you but we fancy some cake so while we go and find some you can feast your eyes on these pictures below of DNCE’s single celebration.

Credit: People


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Written by Zoe Adams

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