DNCE give a surprise performance at Penn State THON 2017

When students gathered at Bryce Jordon Centre for THON 2017, they did not expect a celebrity concert. On January 17th, Penn State organized a 46 Hour dance marathon in an attempt to raise millions for cancer research and to help kids fight this deadly disease.

To aid the great cause, DNCE joined students for a 45 minute, non-stop surprise gig. The band sang their hit numbers including “Cake By The Ocean” and “Toothbrush” along with some covers.

As per TMZ,

“Joe and co. plan to coolly walk out while the kids are doing a lip-synch battle to “Cake By The Ocean” — and then launch into a 45-minute set.”

DNCE pumped the energy into the crowd with their enthralling performance. Excited students seized every opportunity to get a glimpse of the band especially Joe Jonas. After all, memories from “Camp Rock” are still fresh in everyone’s minds.

As reported by State College,

“The set concluded with Jonas venturing out into the crowd, standing on tables and greeting supporters in the stands before he and the band (and the Nittany Lion, who had joined them on stage) made their exit.”

Penn State paid their gratitude to the band for their participation through a tweet:

It was indeed a great gesture from the band. What do you think? Share your thoughts @CelebMix.

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