DNCE: Live Concert Review

To say I like Joe Jonas is an understatement.

The 26 year old former Jonas Brother, created a new group along pals Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee, and Cole Whittle called DNCE (pronounced D-N-C-E). Originally I thought, “Wow! This is a grand consolation prize and hold over until the Jonas Brothers reunion tour”…then I saw them live.

The setlist:
2. Pay My Rent
3. Dr. You
4. Toothbrush
5. Water/ Scrub/ Thong
6. Naked / Roxanne
7. Good Day
8. Body Moves/ Kiss/ Sex
9. Jinx
10. Cake By The Ocean

The band has only one EP with four songs on it which led me to be a bit skeptically on seeing them live. (But then again I also bought a ticket to see “that band with one song” and they just came out with their fifth album, so you truly “don’t know oh oh”) I loved DNCE’s EP “Swaay” and was hyped to hear the songs live. Did they hold up?

First off, any reason to see Joe Jonas is a blessing. Seeing Joe again in and of itself was glorious. Joe Jonas defines a great front man. At one point, he jumped from the stage to bar to finish off a song….not to mention he is gorgeous. His vocals were all on point too, I might add. As for the rest of the band, Jack Lawless, I have seen an ungodly amount of time play as the Jonas Brothers’ drummer and in a band called Ocean Grove, he is absolutely as incredible as I recall him to be, plus his hair and beard are pretty magical too. JinJoo Lee, I realized I had seen live once before playing for a failed Joe Jonas side project when Disney wanted him to be the next sexy R&B Justin Timberlake. She did great then but even better now! She was very vibrant and flirty with the audience, a truly great performer. Last but certainly not least, Cole Whittle, never seen him before…never knew he existed until DNCE was created. What energy and what a fun guy! Truly born to be a performer in every aspect. The closing song was the band’s hit “Cake By The Ocean” which EVERYONE in that ballroom had a full on dance party and went “crazy crazy”.

Opening act was a duo called Powers. As far as opening acts go, I didn’t hate them but I wouldn’t pay to see them. They were a fun, lively pop band that opened with a song repeatedly saying “I’m. SO. Hot.”. I walked past them on my way out and told them they did a great job to which they hugged me. Absolutely have promise there.

On a side note, I ended up arriving a bit late to the show and stood in front of the sound booth in the back. The stage was decorated with balloons that read “DNCE” and cardboard cut outs of DNCE, Edward from Twilight, The cast of The Hangover, The cast of Modern Family, Darth Vader, and the one and only Harry Styles. Why? I don’t know. By the time DNCE graced the stage, I looked to my right to see Ansel Elgort next to me. He is very cute and bubbly in person to which I hate to admit that I now I have a crush on him despite never in my life seeing “The Faults In Our Stars”. Others I saw in the audience were Greg “GARBO” Garbowsky aka the Jonas Brothers bass player who stole hearts back in the day, and Michael Deleasa who is Joe’s brother in law and a singer who was on Married To Jonas.

No signs of any other Jonas Brothers unfortunately…but I didn’t mind. I full on loved seeing Joe being so happy and on stage again. DNCE claim to be “your new favorite band” and I think they might have won me over.

Written by CelebMix