Dodie Clark and Sarah Close wow with new covers

Earlier today, Dodie Clark and Sarah Close blew our minds with their amazing singing videos together.

Both Dodie and Sarah have been making covers and music videos for years on YouTube and they were finally brought together to create some beautiful sounds.

On Dodie’s channel, they did a ukulele cover of Bring It All Back by S Club 7. With Dodie sat strumming on her little ukulele and both girls singing outstanding harmonies we can’t help but be in awe at their talents.

The cover didn’t fail to impress, with some sections just being their clicking and vocals, it brought happiness and amazement to them both. If you want to watch their cover of Bring It All Back you can here:

Then, on Sarah’s channel, the fabulous pair did a cover of Unfaithful by the one and only Rihanna!

Despite this being a great song already, the two made it their own by their rich harmonies and Sarah’s brilliant piano playing. We are very glad that Sarah involved the bloopers as it shows how much fun they had filming the video! If you want to watch their cover of you can here:

We are really happy to see these two collab with each other and are very impressed by what they can do together! Did you enjoy these videos? What did you think of them? Tweet us @CelebMix on Twitter!

Written by CelebMix