Dodie Clark’s three best original songs

The talented Dodie Clark, a.k.a DoddleOddle on YouTube, has more original songs than we have fingers and toes. Over the years, she has uploaded covers and sketch videos along with some of her fabulous original songs! We thought that we would share some of our favourites although we could easily just say them all. SO, here you have our top three original songs from Dodie

1. She

She is one of Dodie’s best know original songs and we sure know why! This song is about falling in love with a girl for the first time. It comes with all the emotions and feelings of love and confusion and not knowing if how she feels is allowed. The guitar pattern is purely beautiful and the bridge has the gripping lines “even when she’s next to me we could not be more far apart”. This song is a real winner in showing how falling in love with a girl if you’re a girl is okay and perfectly normal. She is a song very popular in the YouTube LGBT+ community! You can watch this meaningful song here.

2. Pas De Deux

Pas De Deux was written for the website and is a beautiful, heart filled song. The simplistic piano with powerful lyrics makes this song one of Dodie’s best. The lyrics capture what it is like to be ‘in love’ but turns out to be an unhealthy relationship. It follows a girl named Poppy who’s a dancer but when she meets who she thinks is the boy of her dreams she gives up her passion for dancing because he wants her to. Dodie’s amazing song writing in this song shows how unhealthy relationships can affect people and that you should always do things which are best for yourself and not do things just to please people. If you want, you can watch this stunning video here!

 3. Down

Down is a ukulele based song (you can never get enough ukuleles or Dodie) which is sure to leave you emotional. The video for this song starts with Dodie saying “Sometimes you have good days, and sometimes you have bad days, and this is about the bad days.” It tackles the subject of depression and how hard it can be when everyone around you seems to be having the best time of their lives. If you watch the video which you can here, you can see how much it means to Dodie as she spills her heart out in front of everyone.

So, there you have it, our three favourite originals songs by the awesome Dodie Clark! If you want to watch any of her  originals make sure to go check out her playlist of them on her channel here. She is always releasing new songs and we just can’t get enough of them as she is such a talented person!


Written by CelebMix