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Does YouTube Help Celebrities Become Famous?

Who would have thought that YouTube would revolutionize from a simple video sharing platform to an abode to a plethora of content creators, even including the world-renowned celebrities? YouTube has become a home for a great number of celebrities with millions of YouTube subscribers who can now have a glimpse of celebrities’ everyday life. Their fans love to see their average human-like side. 

For instance, Zac Efron just started his own YouTube vlogging channel where he basically goes off the grid and not to ignore the fact, his videos are pretty entertaining. However, the real question is why are celebrities starting their own YouTube Channels? Read below to know.  

To Change Perceptions

Certain movie roles create certain perceptions in the mind of audiences about their favorite celebrity. For instance, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who currently has 5.58 million subscribers on his YouTube channel was thought of as being a tough, stern guy. He created his YouTube channel and that particular perception about him was shed off. He let in his fans in his daily life, along with creating educational videos on how to get a shredded body like his.

To Connect with Fans on another Level

Although there are social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that help celebrities to connect with their fans. YouTube, however, gives deeper insights into a celebrity’s life. For example, Romee Strijd, a famous Victoria’s Secret angel with 1.81 million subscribers is well-known for her mind-blowing ramp walk and her flawless body. She shows a greater picture of her everyday life by making vlogs such as, “a day in the office” or “a day in the life as a mom”. She takes this platform to connect with her fans casually by responding back to their comments and even making YouTube videos on their recommendations.

YouTube as the Gateway to Personalized Platform  

On YouTube, celebrities don’t have to read out of scripts after being edited, goodness knows how many times. Here the celebrities can choose the topic of their own personal preference and even edit their content without following strict deadlines. They have full control over what they want to share with their fans, when to share, and to what extent. They even let their fans in on their crazier side unlike the majority of the movie roles they have to play.  

Some Celebrities with Engaging YouTube Channels

Here we have made a list of some celebrity YouTubers that are totally worth following:

  • Will Smith – From crazy bungee jumping to discussing his passions and beliefs, Will Smith uploads his videos monthly or at times weekly.
  • Russell Brand – A comedian turned political and social activist, Russell talks about all the major societal issues on his YouTube channel and posts quite consistently.
  • Ryan Reynolds – Who doesn’t love his hilarious side? He posts goofy videos on his channel along with promoting his upcoming movies.
  • Gordon Ramsey – We all had more than a few giggles whenever Gordon got pissed-off on the not-so-perfectly cooked toast. Well, on YouTube you can expect to see some more casual and educational side of him related to food.

Written by Monella