Dominic Sherwood designs t-shirts to support the Anti-Bullying Alliance 1

Dominic Sherwood designs t-shirts to support the Anti-Bullying Alliance

In order to help raise money for the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Dominic Sherwood has designed a range of limited edition t-shirts. They’re sure to look good on you!

Dominic, who currently plays Jace Wayland in Shadowhunters, launched the clothing campaign online earlier this week and many fans have already placed their orders.

It’s not the first time that Dom has made a stand against bullying. The handsome actor is clearly a great guy and he’s previously spoken out in support of Anti-Bullying Pro and Spirit Day. We love it when celebrities use their fame to help an amazing cause.

Sharing his new campaign on Instagram, Dominic said: “Embrace your uniqueness! In support of anti bullying I have helped design these t-shirts. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your pets. All of my proceeds go to the Anti Bullying Alliance. Get your apparel and help stamp out bullying! What makes us different makes us amazing!”

You can help the Anti-Bullying Alliance by purchasing Dom’s charity t-shirts here. The clothes will only be available until the 5th June so if you think Dominic Sherwood would look good on you, make sure you get involved and buy a t-shirt before it’s too late.

Since 2002, the Anti-Bullying Alliance has been doing incredible work to eradicate fear and help put an end to bullying. The charitable network helps thousands of people every year and more information can be found here on their official website.

Here at CelebMix, we’d just like to remind you to be proud of who you are. Diversity is a beautiful thing so never be ashamed to be different. We love you for being you!

Dominic Sherwood launches anti-bullying charity t-shirt campaign 2

Have you bought one of Dominic Sherwood’s charity t-shirts? If so, which design and style did you choose? Make sure you let us know over on Twitter @CelebMix!

Written by Mark Willis

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