Don Broco Release New Song “Technology”

Don Broco have dropped a new song, ‘Technology’, following their hit single ‘Pretty’ which was released in May.

The video follows a mobile phone obsessed individual from a first person perspective. Being so glued to their phone, not even a Don Broco gig, an alien invasion or a nuclear apocalypse can distract them.

Check out the music video for ‘Technology’ below!

Talking to Kerrang!, frontman Rob Damiani said, “‘Technology’ is about a casual swipe through Instagram that ended up in me unfollowing a load of mates. In reality, my friends are not vain, self-obsessed, PDA loving show-offs so I’m blaming social media and the habitual nature of sharing every waking moment of your life online.”

About the music video, he added, “We’re all addicted to our phones, so for the video, we thought it would be fun to see if an alien invasion was enough for us to put the phones down for a minute… turns out it’s not.”

Don Broco have announced that State Champs and Counterfeit will be supporting them at their huge UK headline show later this year. The gig will take place at Alexandra Palace, London on the 11th November. Tickets are available here.

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Written by Georgia Brown

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