Don Francks
Don Francks, circa 1960. (Photo by Getty Images)

Don Francks dies at the age of 84

On Sunday, Canadian actor and Jazz musician, Don Francks died after a long battle with cancer. He was 84. His agent Jennifer Goldhar on Monday confirmed his death.

The news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Popularly known as Iron Buffalo, Don Francks was a veteran of American TV shows like Mission Impossible, Mannix and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. He also starred in a host of 1950s CBC TV specials.

Born on Feb. 28, 1932, in Vancouver, Francks established himself  as a prominent actor and Jazz Musician.  He was well respected by everyone in the industry. Apart from being an actor and a musician, Don Francks was also a poet, native nations champion, author and peace activist. He supported Greenpeace and Tibet.

Director Jon Cassar (24) paid tribute to Francks on his Twitter account over the weekend:

“Sad day. Don Francks has left us. He truly was 1 of a kind. Honored to have worked with him those years on Nikita RIP.”

We are really saddened by the news. May his soul Rest In Peace.

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