Giveaway: Donate to #SaveSkylark and Win Incredible One Direction Prizes

At the point of crisis, at the point of annihilation, survival is victory.

In July of 2017, Harry Styles will make his acting debut in Christoper Nolan’s film ‘Dunkirk’ and fans are counting down the days until they’ll see the story of Operation Dynamo, also known as the Miracle of Dunkirk, play out on screen. Operation Dynamo lasted from the 26th of May to the 4th of June and in all, 338,226 soldiers were saved thanks, in large, to British Destroyers and other large ships.  However, without the little ships of Dunkirk, many lives would have been lost, and the name of one of those ships is Skylark.

The mission to save Skylark has been in place for years but the One Direction fandom got involved after two fans discovered Skylark’s incredible story and knew it was the perfect opportunity to show Harry how much unwavering support he has all around him.

Harry’s heart of gold is one of the most beautiful things about him and the light that he radiates is both unique and inspirational.  Fans of One Direction, and Harry specifically, are known for finding opportunities everywhere to give back and to honor the boys as they do so.

This time around, the initiative isn’t just something that will show Harry how much he means to his fans, it’ll preserve a piece of history, show support to veterans and war heroes, and give a little ship another chance at, once again, taking the sea.

We teamed up with the two incredible fans at the brains of this operation to bring all of you opportunities to win some incredible prizes when you donate to the Save Skylark mission, and here’s how you can get involved.


To be eligible to win you must be following @SaveSkylark @StylesMovieNews @CelebMix1D and us at @CelebMix – we’ll check to make sure the winner is following each account!

We are all so proud of Harry for his role in Dunkirk, of all the fans for giving so much of your heart and time to support him, and of all of you who’ve looked up more about Skylark and realized how important it is to get the little ship back to sail again.

Keep up with us this week to find out what you can win when you donate and how much money is being raised for this incredible initiative.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.