Donna Missal Sells Out NYC’s Bowery Ballroom

The decreasing temperatures and snow weather advisories were no match for the exciting show Donna Missal was about to put on for her New York fans on February 20.

Singer-songwriter Samia brightened up the Bowery Ballroom stage with an hour-long set of her songs including “Paris,” “Milk,” and “21” before Donna Missal entered for their hometown show.

One of her anthems, “Lasting Friend,” described an unforgettable event in her life. The video itself shows her dancing with a group of guys who are having the time of their lives while she sings about a kid in her grade who touched her breast in the lunchroom.

“I’m not ashamed of my past… you are a monster, yes” Samia sings after she finds her clone in a hole she’s been digging and then smashing her to bits with the shovel. She rejoices in knowing she has dealt with her past self and although the situation isn’t completely erased from her mind, she’s not the person she used to be.

Similar to Missal’s empowering music, Samia’s relatable lyrics turned her into a fan favorite among the young crowd.

It was then time for Donna Missal to light up the Bowery Ballroom stage with an emotional introduction to the concert with her song “Jupiter.” Her soulful, strong vocals immediately made many people smile and sing along. She dressed simply, in a white blouse tied on her chest and black leather pants.

After performing “Test My Patience” she apologetically laughed as she mentioned that she was stepping all over the flowers she wanted to share with her fans. “I put these roses out so I can give them out to people but now I’m just f–king stepping on them,” Missal said while passing them around. “Would you all please help me pass these around?

Throughout her set, she dropped words of wisdom on female empowerment, the necessity of having good people around you, and staying true to who you are. “There is this societal nature for women to be in competition with one another in order to succeed,” she said. “I want to see women empowering one another and uplifting each other.” To finish her speech and transition into the next song “Girl,” she smiled and let everyone join in on a significant lyric from the song: “when women hate on other women, everybody loses.”

Fans couldn’t stop themselves from reaching out to their favorite alternative/indie artist throughout the entire night. The support was everywhere as hands stayed in the air and the energy became difficult to contain. A fan even kept a vinyl in the air for her to see.

The night ended with a calm, relaxed sing-along of Missal’s cover of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” as the rain kept pouring outside. By the end of the night, fans laid back in the venue just reminiscing and hoping they’ll see Donna Missal perform again.

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Written by Evelin Mercedes

Evelin Mercedes is an entrepreneur with an interest in writing about music. Founder of Music Trails. Instagram: @evelinm_