Don’t forget to #WearItOut on March 3rd for Brain Tumor Awareness

March is brain tumor awareness month and The Brain Tumor Charity is making it their goal to be part of the necessary change required to improve the lives of those diagnosed with the disease. Most people do not present with symptoms until their tumors are very large in size, and too often, inoperable. Those who do present early are thrown into a diagnosis that comes with fear and far more questions than there are answers. For those reasons, and more, they’ve set a goal to raise£150,000 through their charity events this month to donate to research.

On their Facebook page, a staggering set of statistics is provided.

Brain tumours are the UK’s biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40, yet less than 2% of cancer research funding is spent on brain tumours. In total, over 8,500 people are diagnosed with a primary brain tumour every year and over 3,500 people will lose their lives.

If you add in statistics from America and other countries around the world, it really puts into perspective the dire and urgent need to get proper funding for research. There are many ways for people to donate to The Brain Tumor Charity, and on March 3rd, there’s a way to get involved that is fun, interactive, and spreads the word across social media.

#WearItOut allows you to gather friends, or pose solo, for some fun photos with decorated bandanas, fun photo props, and raise money for The Brain Tumor Charity. You’re encouraged to take a selfie and share it with the hashtag #WearItOut. Text WEAR03 £5 to 70070 and £5 will be donated, you’re also encouraged to tag three friends to do the same.

There was a bandana pack full of goodies for those who ordered in time, but for anyone who didn’t – don’t fret. You can use a bandana you already have, decorate one and make it totally unique, and even create your own photo frame or prop to use in your selfies. You can also decorate balloons, host a bake sale, ask friends and family for donations, and simply hashtag as often as you can to not only get it trending but to get people curious.

For more information on how to get involved on March 3rd, and the rest of the month, visit The Brain Tumor Charity’s Facebook and Twitter pages. You’ll find more statistics, personal stories from survivors and friends/loved ones of those who are no longer with us, and ways that you can be part of the change that makes it possible to live a long healthy life after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.