Dr. Cat on the importance of self-care

The importance of self-care and self-reflection has gained utmost attention in the past few years, especially amidst this global pandemic. The entire world is still struggling and fighting with COVID-19, trying their best. While a few businesses flourished in this pandemic, many others had to lose their jobs. People lost close ones, loved ones, jobs, and compromised several things this past year. 

While some developed countries like the United States are successfully fighting the virus with 36.2 percent of the U.S. citizens being fully vaccinated as of May 15, 2021, many other developing countries still face challenges in combating the coronavirus. 

It is tough and challenging to stay calm and positive with such negativity all around. The pandemic has heightened the importance of self-care. It is easy to get so caught up with our daily busy schedules and work that we barely try to take time out for ourselves. We ignore our thoughts and feelings, feel exhausted by the end of the week, and ultimately burnt out. This unhealthy behavior can significantly impact our minds and mental state if we ignore and do not prioritize self-time and self-care.

Dr. Cat Begovic, a board-certified female plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, has a similar opinion when it comes to self-care. Dr. Cat is a mother, wife, and entrepreneur apart from running her private medical practice as a female plastic surgeon. She wears multiple hats, from managing the calls and schedules with her patients to doing everything necessary to run a medical practice and her luxury skincare line. Despite having such a busy and hectic work schedule, Dr. Cat prioritizes taking time out for herself and her family and practicing self-care. 

But it is important to note that Dr. Cat didn’t always possess this mentality.  In a blog on her website, Dr. Cat shared that she has been an over-achiever since she can remember and that her main focus used to be to keep excelling and achieving one thing after another for gratification. Due to this, she suffered physically and mentally and experienced burnout. She shared that even though this mindset or attribute has its perks, it gets complicated and creates a sense of guilt when it is time to stop being productive or take some time off work. 

Over the years, Dr. Cat made some serious and valuable adjustments in her perspective and life. She incorporated mindfulness, practicing just being and not doing or thinking of anything else. She made this a daily practice. Even though it was challenging at first and a new concept to Dr. Cat, she shared that it made a significant difference in her life in the best possible way. 

Practicing mindfulness, Dr. Cat leads her life with focus, clarity, peace, less overthinking, and high productivity. She also believes that it has made her a better wife, mother, and a better human overall. Dr. Cat shared this journey and story of her leading her life with mindfulness in her blog to help others and bring a positive difference in their lives too. 

Dr. Cat always advises people and young plastic surgeon aspirants to not lose themselves in the journey following their goals and passions. She urges everyone to be kind to themselves, take care of themselves, and take rests and breaks when needed. 

Last month, in a caption of one of her Instagram posts, she talked about the importance of balance. She said that she has the power to choose to be kind to herself and be fulfilled with what she has and what she can do, instead of feeling guilty for what she does not have, or cannot do. 

Dr. Cat’s mantra is to let yourself be at least a couple of times in a week, to live with your thoughts and let them pass your mind without judgments, and live fully and presently in the moment. 

A well-balanced life is one where we follow our dreams while also taking care of ourselves, and Dr. Cat is the exact pioneer of this mindset. Her work and journey are truly inspiring, and you can check more of it on her website: beautybydrcat.

Written by CelebMix