Dr Phunk & Rob GEE collide old-skool & nu-skool with ‘The Sing Along Song’

Dr Phunk & Rob GEE released their new single ‘The Sing Along Song’, and the result is a track that combines two generations of hard dance. Fusing their respective styles, ‘The Sing Along Song’ is a hybrid of old-skool meets nu-skool that is sure to ignite the senses of both sets of fans.

Rob GEE has been a significant player in the hard dance scene since the early 90’s. Despite his already impressive statistics, his collaborator Dr Phunk is at the early stages of what is set to be a long and illustrious career flying the flag for the hard generation. With this latest single, ‘The Sing Along Song’, both artists seek to showcase the purest anthemic spirit of what hard dance is all about. Unity and raving.

‘The Sing Along Song’ is a real hard dance track which gets you in the mood and is perfect for a party. ‘The Sing Along Song’ is for everyone to sing along while the song contains no lyrics. As a result, the song will provide loud and collective fun.

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Written by Magdalena

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