Dua Lipa Brings ‘New Rules’ to SNL

Dua Lipa took to the SNL stage on Saturday night and fans, as well as ourselves, can’t contain their excitement!

Saturday Night Live, or better know abbreviated as SNL, is no stranger to having high profile celebrities guest appear on the show and last night’s episode was no exception. Hosted by Natalie Portman, viewers saw British pop star Dua Lipa make her SNL debut. Dua Lipa did not only perform her worldwide breakthrough hit, ‘New Rules’ but also the closing track on her debut LP, ‘Homesick’, which was co-written by Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin.

First up, was ‘New Rules’:


Dua Lipa’s biggest single to date, ‘New Rules’, was the obvious choice for her first ever performance on Saturday Night Live. Whereas other live performances of the single have been electric with more dancing involved, this time round Dua Lipa is doing it all on her own. Whilst performing ‘New Rules’, you can see her living in the moment and dancing all by herself as she reminded everyone how to get over that pesky ex you may have.

Next of course, it is ‘Homesick’:


The closing track on Dua Lipa’s self-titled debut album, ‘Homesick’, was also the closing number of her two-part performance on SNL. This time, kicking it back and sitting on a piano, Dua Lipa doesn’t need to perform, her vocals say it all through her singing. Although no surprise appearance from uncredited guest vocalist on the track, Chris Martin, she nevertheless received a round of applause for what is a beautiful ballad.

The only thing fans aren’t happy about her SNL performance is the fact that her most latest single, ‘IDGAF’ wasn’t performed. The single, which was written by MNEK, is quickly gaining attention from both fans and critics since the music video dropped last month.

‘IDGAF’ has so far peaked at number 4 in the Official UK Charts whereas in the US Billboard Hot 100, it has only peaked at number 92, so an SNL performance of ‘IDGAF’ could’ve given it the boost to chart even further within the US. Although, as ‘New Rules’ is currently charting within the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 and gaining constant airplay, we’re not worrying about Dua Lipa becoming a disregarded pop star overseas.

As her rise to pop stardom is still excelling, we can’t wait to see what Dua Lipa has to offer next as various sources say she is currently working on material for a sophomore album. With her self-titled tour around the corner, we don’t know how she finds the time to fit everything in!

You can also see Dua Lipa’s Q&A for SNL here.

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Written by Dominic Beck

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