‘DWTS’ Recap: Duo earns two perfect scores, still falls short of next week’s finale

With only one episode left until the season 24 finale, each of the four remaining celebs and their partners brought their A game to the ballroom floor on Monday night. After delivering two rounds of phenomenal performances that showcased their tremendous growth throughout the season, we knew it was going to hurt saying goodbye to any one of these pairs; however, we found ourselves having major Heather and Maks flashbacks as the eliminated couple was a shocking surprise to all.

Normani and Val- Viennese Waltz

Chosen by Len, the pair were given a Viennese Waltz to “Desparado” by Rihanna. Len noticed there was a little incident in the standing spin, but was happy Normani did exactly what he asked for. Julianne thought the concept was beautiful and recognized how well Normani and Val dance as one. She did take note the little mishap and because it is the semifinals, they are obviously nit-picking. Carrie Ann told Normani it is a compliment they all recognized the mistake because each judge on the panel recognized that tiny error, meaning she is always flawless. Carrie Ann also added that Normani’s dancing makes her mouth water. Yeah Carrie Ann, you and everyone else in the world.

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 9, Julianne- 9, Bruno- 9 = 36/40

David and Lindsay- Foxtrot

Putting lemons in between his butt cheeks certainly paid off for David. Good idea, Julianne. The pro-turned-judge gave the pair a foxtrot and was thrilled with the outcome. She said David has fun, he’s grateful and puts everything out on the dance floor. Bruno thought he was a joy to watch and tonight he continued to entertain. Though he isn’t Gene Kelly, Bruno could watch David perform everyday. Carrie Ann commended the fact his frame and posture improved so much and said he’s just not in the competition because people like him, it’s because he brings it every week. Len admires his hard work, nothing his brain tells him one thing – that David is the weakest dancer left, but his heart tells him something completely different. Listen to your heart, Len.

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 8, Julianne- 9, Bruno- 8 = 34/40

Simone and Sasha- Jive

Carrie Ann already knew Simone can train to perfection, but she wanted to see the connection. Let’s just say, those words really stuck with the gymnast because she pulled out her best performance yet with Carrie Ann’s jive choice. Bruno said little miss perfect is letting loose and he loved the reckless, sassy attitude. He was impressed that she can show a different side and still nail it. Carrie Ann’s heart was warmed seeing Simone take her suggestions from rehearsal and really work on improving, allowing her personality to shine. Len thought it was sharp and the footwork was crisp. Julianne said she brought Zoey so hard, which by the way is Simone’s fierce alter ego. In case you’re confused, Julianne asked her to come with a different name for the characters in her dances and embody them.

Carrie Ann- 10, Len- 10, Julianne- 10, Bruno- 10 = 40/40

Rashad and Emma- Rumba

Though the rumba is the toughest challenge for a man, Bruno’s expectations were exceeded, as he did not initially believe Rashad was capable of pulling off the dance the judge had given him. He positively compared Rashad to a lion and said the football free agent’s shape were like watching Greek sculptures. Carrie Ann said it felt elegant and it looked like Rashad was painting a canvas with his body, commending the artistic passion flowing through the routine. Len liked the shaping and thought he had beautiful arm movement. However, he saw a few “funny things” with Rashad’s feet he “didn’t want to see.” Julianne sided with Bruno and thought his hip action and fluidity was flawless. We still can’t get over how well Rashad moves despite having zero dance experience. He is practically James Hinchcliffe 2.0.

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 9, Julianne- 10, Bruno-10 = 38/40

Normani and Val- Jazz

This may have been our personal favorite performance from the duo all season. It was upbeat, equipped with a great production and full of so much life. Len called the routine bucket loads of fun and proceeded with giving the two a standing ovation, which he NEVER DOES let us add. Julianne told Normani to never change, as she’s so humble and full of grace. Bruno said she was a diva and a star. Carrie Ann commended the flow between styles. The pair got mad love from the judges and Val even got some lovin’ of his own from Grandma Kordei, literally.

Carrie Ann- 10, Len- 10, Julianne- 10, Bruno- 10 = 40/40

David and Lindsay- Tango

David may not be the best technical dancer, but he has so much soul and it is quite evident why America loves him. Julianne said he is such a great dancer and she is so proud of him. He possesses the charm and the heart sure, but the hard work and improvement left her speechless as she simply called him “the show.” Bruno thought he went for it like a torpedo in a tuxedo. Carrie Ann agreed, saying David gave his best dance yet. Although, she did see a little lift. Len said there has been better dances, but no one has worked harder or given him more enjoyment than David does.

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 9, Julianne- 9, Bruno- 9 = 36/40

Simone and Sasha- Rumba

Yes girl. Slay. Simone and Sasha’s rumba to Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper” was full of rawness and stunning simplicity. Bruno loved how Simone let the dance flow out of her. He thought it was just gorgeous. Carrie Ann said she is no longer going for gold, but she’s after that mirror ball and is well on her way if she keeps performing the way she did tonight. Len said it’s not where you started, it’s where you are and Simone certainly has proven her capabilities as a dancer this evening. Julianne thought the balance beam was the perfect metaphor of her journey on the competition.

Carrie Ann- 10, Len- 10, Julianne- 10, Bruno- 10 = 40/40

Rashad and Emma- Quickstep

“Yes you can and yes you did!” Carrie Ann said, calling this performance a match made in heaven. Len wasn’t as enthusiastic and smiley, stating Rashad kept losing his frame and that he was full of entirely too much positivity. Weird, considering the number was focused on you know, POSITIVITY and being able to come into your own. Typical Len with the absurd comments. Julianne 1000% disagreed (as did all of us). She thought Rashad was light on his feet and brilliant. So did Bruno, who also raved on about how fantastic he was. Rashad and Emma ALMOST had their first perfect score of the season, too. Ugh, Len Goodman.

Carrie Ann- 10, Len- 9, Julianne- 10, Bruno- 10 = 39/40

And then, it was time for elimination…

America learned the world’s most decorated Olympian would not be advancing to next week’s finals and of course, Twitter was not thrilled with these results by any means.


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Written by Cayla Masters

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