Ed Sheeran announces Wembley concert documentary

Coming soon to a cinema near you: Ed Sheeran live at Wembley Stadium.

Ever since the good old days of 2011, British artist Ed Sheeran has been recording his activities on the road and posting them on YouTube as “Tour Diaries”. The first episode sees a young Ed playing a small pub in Southampton – worlds away from Wembley Stadium where the singer is set to perform for 90,000 people 3 nights in a row this July.

Taking a step up from his humble video blogs, Ed Sheeran is set to film a feature length concert documentary over his time at Wembley. Speaking to The Sun, Ed reportedly announced, “We are doing something for the Wembley Stadium gigs. It will be a documentary. It’s going to go out in cinemas in the UK and Europe.”


Ed Sheeran announces Wembley concert documentary 1

Recently, other British musicians including McBusted and One Direction have released concert documentaries, much to the delight of fans worldwide. Hopefully Ed will match their success! Sit tight for a film release date…

In the meantime, you can follow Ed on twitter @edsheeran or immerse yourself in his old tour diaries over on YouTube.

Written by Emily Gulla

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