Ed Sheeran Initiates a Red Nose Day Challenge

It has been quite some time since we’ve heard from Ed Sheeran as the ginger-haired singer takes a break from music to travel. As he gets lost in the streets of Japan, Ed definitely did not forget about Red Nose Day and in the spirit of comic relief, he has initiated a fun challenge to get people to donate!

What is Red Nose Day? Red Nose Day is a special televised campaign organized by Comic Relief, dedicated to helping children and having fun. Using the power of entertainment, it includes a host of celebrities performing live one-off sketches to bring awareness and raise money to help people living tough lives across the poorest communities in the U.S., the UK, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Their goal is to ensure kids are safe, healthy, and educated. The entire project is such a great cause there’s no wonder why Ed Sheeran is going through such extreme measures to support it!


Ben Winston recently shared this video in his tweet announcing Ed’s plan.

Ed stated, if Red Nose Day is able to raise more money in the UK than they did last year (approximately £99,418,813), then he will voluntarily dress up in a red tutu and eat the most disgusting thing that he could find in Japan: fermented soy beans and an alive sea snail! We are wishing Ed all the best in his eating challenge.

If you want to see Ed Sheeran eat a sea snail and fermented beans while wearing a red tutu in order to support comic relief, make sure you text GIVE to 80077 or make a donation at rednoseday.org

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Written by CelebMix