Ed Sheeran on The Ellen Show

On November 10, Ed Sheeran appeared on The Ellen Show to promote Jamie Lawson who was just signed into his new record label: Gingerbread Man Records. While on the show, Sheeran spoke about his long battle with smoking which had gone on for about 10 years. The singer has admitted that it’s been a week since his last cigarette and he’s finally made the decision to stop smoking once and for all. Ed had quit smoking for a year but got back to it since he admitted to Ellen how smoking for him was always a routine, “do a sound check, have a cigarette. Do a gig, have a cigarette. Have food, have a cigarette.”

Sheeran also spoke about his new lion tattoo (England’s national emblem) which signifies the three sold-out nights he played at Wembley Stadium. The lion, which is located on his chest, leads up to all the other events he has undergone to get to where he is. Ed Sheeran on The Ellen Show 1

Jamie Lawson made a debut in American television and performed his beautiful new song, ‘Wasn’t Expecting That’. You can find his album ‘Jamie Lawson’ on iTunes.


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Written by CelebMix