Ed Sheeran pays a visit to a young fan in hospital

Even though he’s been hiding out for most of the year, Ed Sheeran once again resurfaces for the most amazing cause.

Melody Driscoll, a young bright nine year old girl has spent a lot of time in hospital rooms, due to the fact that she has numerous health issues, one of which is a rare neurological (and developmental) disorder that affects patients both physically and mentally because of its influence on the brain. One of the things that made Melody’s life a little better and brighter was her favourite music and the man who sings it- none other than Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran pays a visit to a young fan in a hospital 6

When a campaign was launched to help young Melody meet her idol, PC Stewart Lawless explained her situation and her strength: “Due to Melody’s health conditions doctors told her family that she would only live until the age of five, however almost nearing her tenth birthday she is showing how much of a fighter she is.”

Ed Sheeran pays a visit to a young fan in a hospital 5

He then added: “Despite her health condition Melody has always battled through with the help of music by Ed Sheeran and loves his songs music as they help her through her time in the hospital.”


It wasn’t long until the word reached Ed, and today little Melody’s wish came true.

Ed Sheeran pays a visit to a young fan in a hospital 1

Everybody who witnessed the visit had nothing but praise for the ginger songwriter, and to prove it we have the words of Dr Ruth Charlton, who works as a Consultant Paediatrician and Joint Medical Director at Espom Hospital: “We are so touched that Ed would take the time out of his busy schedule to visit Melody and the other young patients on the ward.”

“Melody was mesmerised by Ed, and it was truly wonderful to see how happy he made her. We would like to thank Ed for coming – this was a very special day for our staff, our patients and of course, Melody.”

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During the visit, Ed was all smiles as he hung out with the little girl, posed for pictures, signed her miniature pink guitar, and used the same guitar to sing Photograph and Thinking Out Loud for her enjoyment only.

You can actually feel Melody’s euphoria through the screen when she first sees her idol, and as her parents tease her about her “boyfriend”.

Is there any way to make this more adorable? Melody’s mom Karina was overjoyed for her daughter:

“Melody absolutely loves Ed’s music, and his lyrics mean so much to us as a family. It was amazing to meet Ed, and everyone could see just how impressed Melody was – she even got hugs and kisses from him!”

“We joke that Ed is Melody’s boyfriend because she is so taken with him, and now that she’s met him in person a dream has come true.”

“Ed’s music and the staff here, including Melody’s consultant Dr Tim Marr, have kept her alive.”

Ed Sheeran pays a visit to a young fan in a hospital 2

Even Ward Manager Karen Kilday had kind words to tell about Ed and his visit: “It was wonderful to see Ed on the ward and to see the joy that it brought to Melody. His caring and relaxed approach were evident to see and everyone on the ward that day will remember the visit and this lovely moment forever.”

Ed Sheeran pays a visit to a young fan in a hospital 1

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Written by Azra

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