Why Ed Sheeran is Your Perfect valentine

Everybody loves Ed Sheeran. Literally EVERYBODY. One Direction, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, the Victoria’s Secret models, Beyoncé and Jay Z, even the Queen (probably).  Alongside being one of the most talented music artists in the world, he’s a very cool and very lovely person. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and in case you need any more convincing, here are five reasons why Ed Sheeran would be your perfect valentine.

5. He’s quite nice

Why Ed Sheeran is your perfect valentine 1

Yep, Ed Sheeran’s an alright guy, isn’t he? It’s not like he met every single fan at his movie premiere, or paid off his songwriter mate’s mortgage, or bought his parents a house or anything. There was even that time when he joined a fan’s birthday party in hospital because she was too ill to make it to the concert. Babe, our hearts are melting.

Why Ed Sheeran is your perfect valentine 1

Ed has been quoted saying “Be nice to everyone, always smile and appreciate things because it could all be gone tomorrow.” That’s a life motto right there. We’re pretty sure that Ed has never been rude to anybody ever, and that’s an incredible quality to have. If he is a bit angry with you, he’ll just write a song like Don’t – no need for a fist fight. Ed Sheeran has been dubbed the nicest guy in music and he himself has pointed out that even if you’re having a bad day, you don’t have to be mean to fans. So if you’re looking for a bad boy, that ain’t Ed.

Why Ed Sheeran is your perfect valentine 2

4. His tattoos are amazing

Why Ed Sheeran is your perfect valentine 3

Ed’s extensive range of colorful tattoos only add to his status as an awesome human. He’s got some weird ones: a ketchup bottle, Puss in Boots, Pingu (that matches Harry Styles, FYI) – and of course, there’s the famous and overly-criticised lion. Calm down guys, it’s only a tattoo.  As we know, Ed’s a pretty sentimental guy and some of his meaningful tattoos only make us love him even more.  There’s his family tree and his inspirational quote, “everything that happens is from now on,” but our fave has to be the empty jigsaw piece which is apparently reserved for Ed’s future wife, whoever she may be (us, please).

3. You can get drunk together

Why Ed Sheeran is your perfect valentine 2

What do you want in a valentine? Someone you can have fun with, right? Now remember kids, you don’t need alcohol to have a good time, but it sure looks like Ed enjoys a good night out.

Why Ed Sheeran is your perfect valentine 1Yeah, Ed was hilarious when he hosted the 2015 MTV EMAs a little tipsy (remind us again why we love him), but maybe don’t take it as far as THAT Brit Awards after party. Never forget.

Why Ed Sheeran is your perfect valentine 4

2. He’s a good laugh

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Ed Sheeran basically has it all: he’s cute, cool, talented and also pretty funny. His YouTube channel is home to loads of old tour diaries which show a chilled-out side to Ed that doesn’t always come across in interviews. Just watch them and you’ll fall in love with Ed all over again. Here is one of many vlogs for you to feast your eyes on.

Speaking of YouTube, Ed Sheeran has been a talented vlogger from a young age, best known for putting way too many malteasers in his mouth. Yep, you read that right. Here is a very young Ed just livin’ life. Video gold.

1. He writes beautiful love songs OBVS

Why Ed Sheeran is your perfect valentine 5

Perks of dating Ed Sheeran: he’d probably write a cute song about you, which is all anyone wants really, isn’t it?  Then he’d play it at a bunch of weddings, birthdays and shopping centres because that’s just the kind of friendly guy that Ed is. Share the love. Oh and he can DANCE. What more do you want? Lego House, Photograph and of course, Thinking Out Loud – all songs Ed could serenade you with. If the valentine thing fails, we might just have to settle for a concert.


Why Ed Sheeran is Your Perfect valentine 1

So if you’re in search of a valentine this 14 February, Ed Sheeran should be your No 1 choice. He’s on a break atm (*cries*) so he’ll probs be hard to track down. You might just have to watch the Thinking Out Loud video again.

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Written by Emily Gulla

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