Ed Sheeran on Properly Falling in Love For the First Time

In a recent interview, Ed Sheeran discussed having the time to fall in love with his current girlfriend during his year off. We were kinda sad when Ed took a short hiatus from music, but we’re so happy to hear that it is exactly what was needed for him and his relationship.

In the in-depth chat with Zane Lowe for Beats 1, Ed discussed his relationship with his girlfriend, consultant and hockey player Cherry Seaborn. Although Ed has never mentioned Cherry’s name in an interview, their relationship has been confirmed by numerous photos of them together, including this cute (but slightly cringeworthy) Instagram from Taylor Swift.


Ed and Cherry have known each other for years, both attending Thomas Mills High School in Suffolk. However, Ed told Zane that taking a year out meant they could spend valuable time together. He explained how “We were just basically like ‘let’s both quit our jobs and let’s have a year of forming a tight bond and a relationship’.”

In 2016, Ed and Cherry travelled across the globe together. We’re so happy that Ed has taken the time out of his intense schedule to focus on his authentic self. Ed added, “I’ve never been happier, I’ve never been more comfortable, I’ve never been more inspired. I just feel like everything’s fallen into place because I’ve given it the time to fall into place.”

We could cry right now.


Read an excerpt from the interview here:

This is the first time Ed has spoken in-depth about his relationship with Cherry. In previous interviews he has mentioned his girlfriend in passing and never developed the conversation. Hopefully this means things are becoming more serious between the two.

You can watch the first part of Ed’s interview with Zane Lowe here. It’s quite lengthy but this is the only in-depth interview Ed has done during the promo tour for ‘Castle on the Hill’ and ‘Shape of You’ so it’s pretty special. The second part of the interview is set to be released soon.

We are so excited for Ed’s upcoming album ÷ (divide) and cannot wait to hear new music from him. More importantly, we’re loving how Ed is in a happy place right now. Here’s to 2017.

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÷ is released on 3 March. ‘Castle on the Hill’ and ‘Shape of You’ are out now.

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