Ed Sheeran puts up ‘drive safe’ signs around Suffolk

When Ed Sheeran released his single Castle on the Hill, one particular road serjeant wasn’t best pleased with the lyrics.

The line “driving at 90 down those country lanes” caused controversy and prompted police to warn motorists to stick to the speed limit and drive safely, regardless of whether or not they’re in a rush to get home.

However, since being called out on Twitter, Ed Sheeran has taken action by placing ‘drive safe’ signs around Suffolk, where he lives. Sheeran said the blue signs, which match the colour scheme and design of his new album artwork, would be placed around parts of his home county.

He said “I’m not encouraging speeding at all, I’m just singing it in a song.”

The signs are displayed in bus shelters and have been spotted by various members of the public. The words “Go 20” are written inside a division symbol with “DRIVE SAFE SUFFOLK” capitalised underneath.


Castle on the Hill is one of the songs from Ed’s upcoming album Divide, which is set for release on 3rd March. Let us know if you’re excited for the record and what you think of Sheeran’s road signs by Tweeting us @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix