Ed Sheeran releases new collaboration

It’s been a while since Ed Sheeran released new music. His second album, X (multiply) came out over a year ago and fans have been patiently waiting for new songs ever since.

Fast forward to this morning when Ed tweeted that he had a “new song dropping at 5pm today UK time” and fans’ prayers had been answered. Ed then went on to reveal that the song would be a collaboration with a mystery artist and free to download. Aw, how kind of you, Edward.

And so, Ed Sheeran’s brand new collaboration with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is here! With barely any promotion or build-up, Growing Up (Sloane’s Song) was released on SoundCloud and YouTube mere minutes ago.

The track is also available to download FOR FREE on Macklemore’s website and is accompanied by a personal letter from Ben (Macklemore), explaining what the song is about and where he’s been for the past year.

Growing Up is dedicated to Ben’s new daughter, Sloane, and his explanation describes how the lyrics are “[half] advice about growing up. The other half is trying to figure out how to grow up myself.”

This new song follows Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ classic style of poetic rap accompanied by a strong sing-along-chorus. Think 2012 hit Same Love.

Ed Sheeran’s amazing vocals are perfect for song’s the chorus and Ed is clearly still up for featuring on other artists’ tracks, despite experiencing huge solo success.

Could this be the start of new music from both Ed Sheeran and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis? We can’t wait!

You can listen to Growing Up (Sloane’s Song) on YouTube or SoundCloud and make sure to nab your free download here. Happy listening!





Written by Emily Gulla

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