Ed's Best Covers.

Ed Sheeran’s Top 10 Covers

Here at CelebMix, we like to celebrate birthdays. And what better birthday to celebrate than that of everyone’s beloved Ed Sheeran? We hope that all of the Sheerios are staying afloat somehow during this hiatus.

So, in honor of his 25th birthday (mark your calendar for February 17!), here is a list of Ed Sheeran’s top 10 covers.

* Please be advised that some of these covers have been said to be better than the original. 

10. Dirrty – Christina Aguilera

Look at those glasses, listen to that voice.

9. No Diggity/Thrift Stop – Blackstreet / Macklemore (feat. Passenger) 


Remember when Passenger was the opener for Ed? And then was the opener again? Good times.

8. Stay with Me – Sam Smith

One of the biggest artists of the year covering one of the biggest songs of the year, what a concept.

7. Pony – Genuwine

Did anybody really think we needed an acoustic cover of this song? Ed Sheeran sure did.

6. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

A beautiful song for a beautiful man.

5. Be My Husband – Nina Simone

He has the classic Ed Sheeran look going on in this video, it’s so comforting. Oh! And the cover is life-changing too.

4. Skinny Love – Bon Iver

This cover is from 2011. 2011! It’s such an old cover but it’s such a great one.

3. Drunk in Love – Beyonce (feat. Beyonce)

Ed Sheeran singing this song with Beyonce is pretty monumental. Ed has a cover all on his own, but having Queen Bey in this makes this cover all the better.

2. Take Me to Church – Hozier

When Ed covered this song, Hozier tweeted about how flattered he was which only makes sense when we remember how ridiculously good this cover is.

1. Hit Me Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

Listen to him. Listen to the beauty of  the song. Listen to the beauty of his voice. This cover stands as one of his best, he picks up a guitar and manages to make the song his own.

Ed Sheeran has graced us with some incredible original songs, but sometimes his covers are so amazing that they manage to become his. We definitely hope that this autumn brings us new covers (along with his 3rd album).

Make sure to comment or tweet us over at @CelebMix and give us some feedback! What’s your favorite cover? And how are you holding up with the hiatus?

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