Eden Dora Trust Named Sainsbury’s Charity of the Year

Louis Tomlinson has partnered with the Eden Dora Trust for many years now and, over the course of their time together, has become a close friend to the family.  He’s used his social media platform many times to help this charity and in turn, invited One Direction fans from all around the world to learn about encephalitis and send love and support to Eden and her family.  Most recently, Louis took to Twitter to ask fans to vote for the Eden Dora Trust to win Sainsbury’s Charity of the year.

Sainsbury’s partners with one charity during a year and partners with them through various events and fundraisers – not only raising funds but awareness for said charity.  This partnership allows Sainsbury’s to do something great for their community and also allows the public to learn more about organizations close to home that strive to help the lives of those in need.

So when Louis found out that Eden Dora Trust was nominated as a contender to win the charity of the year award, he knew he had to use his voice to help.  One Direction’s fanbase is not just made up of people who love their music and admire their talent, it’s made up of people who see the gentle hearts and kindness of Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall and join in as they can to help the charities the lads are involved with and the drives they support.

It comes as no surprise that fans began sharing Louis’ tweet, voting for the Eden Dora Trust, and encouraging others to do the same.  On July 11th, Louis and the rest of One Direction’s fans learned that their voting, sharing, and encouraging paid off.

The Eden Dora Trust was voted Sainsbury’s Charity of the Year which means their organization will benefit, over the next year, from Sainsbury’s and their local community which will not only benefit Eden, but so many others who are touched by encephalitis and acquired brain injuries.

Eden’s story is one of strength, bravery, and love but her mom also shared the parts of her story that were raw and painful, she shared the truth of what happens when encephalitis changes the life of, not just the person diagnosed, but the people who love them forever.

To read more about Eden’s story and to see what happens with them over the next year with Sainsbury’s – check out their Website and Twitter and don’t forget to Tweet them a message of congratulations!  While you’re at it, you can send Louis a large thank you as well, his kindness and generosity are never short in supply.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.