EDEN’s New Track “untitled” Will Break Your Heart (But It Will Feel So Good)

Sad girl (& boy) autumn continues with the return of Irish singer-songwriter EDEN as he emerges into the spotlight. He comes in tow with his second release of the year, titled “untitled”.

“untitled” follows the release of “909”, which arrived back in April. EDEN’s new track is another great melancholic single that again showcases the singer’s ability to create simplistic yet exquisitely sad pieces of music. “untitled” somehow manages to leave us both heartbroken yet hopeful and warm inside. It feels like a blanket draped over our bodies during a cold night. Or a good book that soothes us in times of sadness.

“All you wanted was some form of violent love”, EDEN sings in the chorus over a stripped-back production, which mainly consists of guitar strings layered under the singer’s relaxing vocals. EDEN easily spins us into his web and wraps us into the comfort of his music.

The track then ends with a sample of children singing an old Jamaican folk song called “Linstead Market”. EDEN wanted to incorporate this piece of music as he frequently listened to this piece of music with his parents on car trips when he was a kid. “It’s really quite bizarre how adding things like that can end up transmitting the emotion of the song so much better than just the music on its own”, the singer explains in a press statement.

It is a beautiful new release and we really, really hope that there is more to come in the near future.

Listen to EDEN’s brand new track right here:

“untitled” was written and produced by EDEN. It was released via EDEN’s label MCMXCV and distributed by Astralwerks.

The track follows EDEN’s highly successful debut album, “vertigo” which arrived early last year and has since amassed almost 200 million global streams.

You can download and stream “untitled” right now on the digital platform or retailer of your choice. Find your preferred one by clicking here.

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Written by Heiko

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