Eight Iconic Camp Rock Song!

To celebrate Camp Rock turning eight years old, we are counting down the iconic songs from the two movies. Even if you have not watched one of the movies in years, all the lyrics will probably come right back to you! Camp Rock definitely delivered bop after bop so let’s all sing our hearts out!

8. Play My Music

Connect 3 open the summer camp with this catchy tune that is still stuck in our heads. Lead singer Shane speaks to us all. Whenever you listen to your favorite playlist, all you want to do is jam out and those are the feelings perfectly described in the lyrics.

7. Hasta La Vista

The energetic dancing and catchy lyrics created a fun performance which perfectly shows what a music summer camp should be! All the performances during the Final Jam were good in their own right, but ‘Hasta La Vista’ was on another level. (We secretly wanted them to win!!)

6. Can’t Back Down

When Mitchie realizes the camp needs to stick together and step up their game, she begins this chant. This revelation breaks out into a song and dance routine in the middle of the camp’s dining room. Everything from the hand movement to lyrics makes this a great song.

5. It’s On

Camp Rock went over to Camp Star to prove that they are just as talented with this amazing dance sequence. The whole scene shows an incredible singing/dancing/rapping/guitar off (Literally everything!) This definitely gets you pumped up the minute the music starts!

4. Wouldn’t Change a Thing

This emotional duet from Mitchie and Shane is utterly beautiful. The two realize how much they mean to each other and despite their differences, they ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’. Obviously, we are still crying.

3. Introducing Me

You will more than likely know the words to this when you click play. Although Dana was part of the other camp, this did not stop Connect 3 member Nate from getting to know her. He introduced himself with this adorable song. Nate was the definition of swoon.

2. Who Will I Be

Soon as this song began, we knew this movie would guarantee bops! Despite being unable to afford summer camp, Mitchie decided she wanted to go to her dream camp, Camp Rock. To celebrate she rocks out to her own song about how you are the only one who can choose your own future!

1. This Is Me

Shane hears Mitchie sing ‘This is Me’ and begins his journey to find the girl with the mystery voice. When Mitchie plucked up the courage to perform her own song at the end of Final Jam, Shane joins in with her. The song shows Mitchie’s journey to becoming comfortable with herself. This important message adds to the many reasons why the songs from this movie are so iconic.

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Written by CelebMix