Electra Woman and Dyna Girl is out now!

Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart’s latest feature length movie, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, is out now across all major digital platforms, including iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

The film is a modern remake of the 1976 TV series of the same name. The story follows Electra Woman (Grace) and Dyna Girl (Hannah) who are are small scale superheroes in their hometown in Ohio. When they get the opportunity to move to Los Angeles to make more of a difference, they jump into action. The movie also deals with their friendship, as Dyna Girl proves herself as her own person, and more than Electra Woman’s sidekick. Electra Woman and Dyna Girl are charming, awkward and hilarious characters, so if you’re looking for a superhero movie with a light-hearted vibe, this may just be the movie for you! Grace and Hannah themselves have described it as “Suicide Squad meets Gilmore Girls.”

The reaction from fans so far has been overwhelmingly positive!



Grace and Hannah are no strangers to acting. They’ve starred in the film Camp Takota with Mamrie Hart, and are partnering with Mamrie again for the upcoming movie Dirty Thirty. They have said that this is very different to anything they have done before, and it’s great to see how they stepped up to the challenge of a more difficult acting role.

The girls have been doing promo for EWDG all day, and part of that includes an exclusive Answer Time on Tumblr, and a “Super Sleepover” on Twitter, where they are live tweeting the movie.

Watch the trailer below, and go here for more details and to purchase Electra Woman and Dyna Girl merchandise and the bonus content pack!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.