Eleni Foureira Drops The Music Video To The Greek Version Of “Caramela”

We recently had the release of the English version of “Caramela“, but Eleni Foureira has reverted back to her Greek version for this summer beach music video that has certainly turned up the heat. The single follows up her Eurovision 2018 hit “Fuego” which was the entry for Cyprus and managed to place second in the contest giving Cyprus their best position to-date. The song is the official soundtrack to the upcoming Greek film “Aigaio SOS”.

Eleni Foureira has made her name internationally known after bringing the fire to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. She performed the track “Fuego” representing Cyprus and gained 436 points placing her second, behind Israel’s Netta who sang “Toy” (we recently interviewed Netta). She’s been trying to represent Greece for a number of years but she just hasn’t been successful, but her time certainly came when Cyprus offered her the chance instead. She’s had an incredible career in Greece, with a number of albums and singles, collaborated with some of the biggest stars, won the Greek version of Just The Two Of Us, been a coach on the Greek version of So You Think You Can Dance, and recently been announced as a judge on the Greek version of La Banda. She was originally in a girl group before going solo, called Mystique. Now, she’s riding success with this new song “Caramela” which is a cover version of Moshe’s hit track of the same name which was released in Israel.

The music video has been directed by Pierros Andrakakos, and as with most soundtrack music videos, it features scenes and clips from the film; at times, of which, we hear speech from the Greek film “Aigaio SOS”. This film is a comedy and is expected to be released on November 18, 2018. The music video and the film share the same director. From our rough translation, we can gather that the film is about an earthquake which brings a rocky island to the surface and the Greeks and the Turks deploy troops to claim the island. They get there at the same time and they claim half the island each – this is where the comedy comes in full swing as they fight over the island whilst dealing with tsunamis, hunger, madness, and love.

Back to the music video, Eleni Foureira jumps right into the storyline to meet up with her love interest, who is played by the actor Panos Vlachos, who will be appearing in “Aigaio SOS”. We watch Eleni Foureira bring the party to the beach – no surprise there – and teach Panos Vlachos the dance to her new song, he’s rocky at first with the choreography but he starts to nail it as time goes on.

Watch Eleni Foureira’s Music Video To The Greek Version Of “Caramela” Here:

“Caramela”, both the Greek version and the English version is available to download and stream right now through Panik Records. We believe a new album is on its way. The upcoming film to which this song is the soundtrack for, “Aigaio SOS”, is set to be released November 18, 2018.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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