Eleni Foureira Releases New Single & Music Video “Triumph” Full Of Female Empowerment

We have a brand new single and music video from the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 runner-up, Eleni Foureira. “Triumph” is all about female empowerment and she even states that the song is for all her girls around the world. This release follows up previous single “Tómame” which charted at number one in Greece and is the third time she’s peaked at the top of the charts; can this addictive track follow suit?

Eleni Foureira has made her name internationally known after bringing the fire to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. She performed the track “Fuego” representing Cyprus and gained 436 points placing her second, behind Israel’s Netta who sang “Toy” (we have previously interviewed Netta). She’s been trying to represent Greece for a number of years but she just hasn’t been successful, but her time certainly came when Cyprus offered her the chance instead. She’s had an incredible career in Greece, with a number of albums and singles, collaborated with some of the biggest stars, won the Greek version of Just The Two Of Us, been a coach on the Greek version of So You Think You Can Dance, and recently been a judge on the Greek version of La Banda. She was originally in a girl group before going solo, called Mystique. She continued to ride her success with the song “Caramela” which is a cover version of Moshe’s hit track of the same name which was released in Israel. She then dropped “Tómame” which became another successful track for her, in Greece; and now, she’s dropped this full English track “Triumph” which deserves international success.

This brand new song was written by Alex Neon and Andy Nicholas while the music video has been directed by Yannis Dimolitsas who has worked on many of Eleni Foureira’s music videos including “Tómame”.

Watch Eleni Foureira’s Music Video For “Triumph” Here:

Fierce, confident, and on-point, Eleni Foureira shines throughout the club-raging track. She’s ready to triumph in more ways than one and she sure is bringing it. We have to admit, her vocals aren’t incredible, but she’s proven her vocal ability in her previous singles, this one is all about sending out sassy vibes and she’s certainly doing that. It’s a good vocal, that’s reminiscent of 90’s club vocalists, and it really works well, we just know she can do better.

As for the music video, it follows suit with the song, showing off women in upper-class roles and wearing sexy business clothes. In an age where women are proving that they’re more than capable of succeeding in the highest of roles, we still have misogyny, and media is prepared to show that that way of thinking is in the past; and here’s another female empowerment music video that’s fierce, sassy, and full of confidence, and we are living for it.

“Triumph” is available to download and stream right now, through Panik Records. We’re presume these recent single releases are leading up to her fifth studio album – we can only hope so.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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