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10 of Eli Lieb’s very best YouTube covers

By putting his own spin on a wide variety of hits, Eli Lieb has proven his versatility as an artist time and time again. We take a look at ten of his best covers to date!

Over the years, Eli has covered everyone from Lana Del Rey to Miley Cyrus. He began uploading YouTube videos back in 2009 and since then, his channel has been viewed more than 39 million times. The heartthrob currently has over 320,000 subscribers.

Eli’s renditions are so popular, in fact, that he decided to create two cover albums. Both collections are available here and they’re seriously worth every penny.

As well as recording unique versions of songs by other musicians, Eli has also produced some fantastic original material. He’s teased that we can expect more new tunes this year and he recently shared a snippet of a track called ‘Castles’ here.

Without further ado, we begin our list of Eli’s most magnificent covers with…

Born To Die – Lana Del Rey

Eli Lieb’s cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born To Die’ is to die for. Tugging at everyone’s heartstrings, Eli brings raw emotion to every lyric and he definitely does the song justice. It’s powerful, it’s beautiful and it’s full of melancholy. You may need tissues. Eli also smashed his performances of Lana’s singles: ‘Ride‘ and ‘Young and Beautiful.’

Good For You – Selena Gomez

When it comes to transforming a song and making it your own, there’s not many better examples than this. Adding layers and depth, Eli does more than just cover Selena Gomez’s ‘Good For You.’ He takes it to a whole new place. While Selena showcases her vulnerability with monotone vocals, Eli’s version packs a punch with fiery passion.

Hurricane – Thirty Seconds To Mars

It took us less than 30 seconds to fall in love with this brilliant cover. Back in 2010, Eli gave ‘Hurricane’ by Thirty Seconds To Mars his own twist and it’s still one of our favourites to this day. Eli’s raspy vocals sound incredible and they’re a perfect fit for the rock anthem. It’s almost as if frontman Jared Leto wrote the song with Eli’s voice in mind.

Inside Out – Britney Spears

Over the years, Eli has covered several Britney Spears songs but it’s his version of ‘Inside Out’ that particularly stands out. He sure gave us something to remember. The breakup anthem featured on Britney’s ‘Femme Fatale’ album. Eli has also performed renditions of Britney’s hits: ‘Make Me‘, ‘Unusual You‘ and ‘Till The World Ends.’

Lies – Marina and the Diamonds

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t love Eli Lieb’s interpretation of ‘Lies’ by Marina and the Diamonds. It’s outstanding. Bringing the melody to the forefront, Eli strips everything back for the performance. With irresistible angsty vocals, he adds a rockier edge to the song and we’d love to hear him cover more of Marina’s tunes in the future.

Million Reasons – Lady Gaga

Eli Lieb’s most recent Lady Gaga cover gives us a ‘Million Reasons’ to keep hitting the replay button. His live version of the powerful ballad is out of this world. By performing the track acoustically, Eli lets his voice and Lady Gaga’s lyrics work their magic. We’re sure even Gaga herself would love this interpretation of the song.

Skyfall – Adele

The name is Lieb, Eli Lieb. With a sensational rendition of the epic James Bond theme song ‘Skyfall’, Eli proves that no track is too big for him. Taking on an Adele number is no easy feat but with faultless vocals, Eli makes it all look so effortless. He’s also covered Adele’s previous hits: ‘Someone Like You‘, ‘Turning Tables‘ and ‘Rolling In The Deep.’

Stay – Hurts

Once again conveying deep emotions with his voice, Eli Lieb covered ‘Stay’ by Hurts in 2011. It’s an incredibly powerful performance from Eli. He tells the story beautifully and you can hear the meaning in every single word that Eli sings. The talented singer also covered ‘Stay‘ by Rihanna; a totally different song with the same title.

Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift

Hearing Eli cover one of our favourite Taylor Swift songs was a dream come true. Playing the piano and singing from his heart, Eli uploaded his version of ‘Wildest Dreams’ in 2014. It’s haunting in the very best way possible. The handsome vocalist’s rendition has proved a hit with Taylor’s fans and impressively, it was filmed in one take.  

Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus

In October 2013, Eli Lieb uploaded a stunning cover of ‘Wrecking Ball’ by Miley Cyrus. He needn’t worry because he did anything but wreck the song. Eli’s version is breathtakingly beautiful and it’s now amassed just under 5 million views online. With so many hits, it’s currently Eli’s most watched cover on his YouTube channel.

Did your favourite Eli Lieb cover make the list? Have you got a song in mind that you’d love to hear him perform in the future? Let us know over on Twitter @CelebMix!

Written by Mark Willis

When I'm not writing articles or travelling through time and space in the Tardis, I love singing along to Avril Lavigne and other pop/rock music. I also enjoy hunting demons with Sam and Dean Winchester! Twitter: @MarkWillis1993