Eli Lieb releases new single 'Castles' 2

Eli Lieb releases uplifting and empowering new single ‘Castles’

With his latest single ‘Castles’, Eli Lieb has once again proven that he really is the reigning king of independent music. His new track is an inspirational pop gem!

From start to finish, ‘Castles’ empowers its listeners with beautiful and powerful metaphors. Life can be hard but you can’t let anything or anyone break you. You have to keep soldiering on. It’s a fantastic message that everyone should keep in mind.

Eli’s lyrics will certainly resonate with people all over the world and after reading comments online, it’s clear that the song has already touched the hearts of many.

Sharing his new tune on YouTube, Eli said: “Lately I have been inspired to write songs that will help people feel empowered. Right now there are so many of us that feel broken down and lost and I hope this song helps people feel like they can build their strength up again, never lose hope, take the hard times and use them as a tool to build your own Castle! I hope this helps you feel like the powerful Queens and Kings you all are!!

‘Castles’ is currently available here on iTunes. A stunning acoustic rendition of the track has also been released and both versions are seriously worth every penny.

Yesterday, Eli Lieb also treated his fans to a brand new YouTube cover. The handsome singer-songwriter put his own spin on Beyoncé’s ‘Pray You Can Catch Me‘ and we’d definitely recommend that you check it out. It’s an outstanding interpretation.

You can keep Eli on your radar by following @EliLieb on Twitter. As always, we’ll also keep you up to date with his latest projects here at CelebMix. Eli has teased that he’ll be releasing lots more music this year and we, for one, can’t wait to hear it.

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Written by Mark Willis

When I'm not writing articles or travelling through time and space in the Tardis, I love singing along to Avril Lavigne and other pop/rock music. I also enjoy hunting demons with Sam and Dean Winchester! Twitter: @MarkWillis1993