Elizabeth Sommers – A Fervent Aesthetic Nurse And Scholar

Elizabeth Sommers is an insightful and talented aesthetic nurse with exceptional expertise in precision injection. She encompasses over 17 years of experience and works with Skin 365 in California. Her interest in science and arts has led her to develop a passion for beauty, especially for humans. 

As a result, she thrives as a top 1% aesthetic injector in the United States. The ingenious nurse goes out of her way to create custom plans according to the client’s requirements. Thus, she ensures optimum safety and proficiency.

The profound beauty nurse has a wide array of skills and specialization. She has command over Boox, Dysport, Jeuveau for complete face beautification. It includes the chin, eyes, forehead and lips, and muscles responsible for lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, fillers are also a part of her expertise, especially for lips, cheeks, and other liquid facelift requirements. However, the aesthetic injector strongly focuses on the clients’ natural beauty to enhance and reveal what they already have. 

Her unique methodology has also helped her achieve recognition. For instance, the use of Sculptra to hydrate the face. Her collection also includes Juvederm, Restylane, and RHA fillers. Surgical precision is a skill the prodigal aesthetician developed through micro-needling to fix various problems, including wrinkles, pore size, and much more. Sommers’ proficiency is adept in Intense Pulse Light Therapy, LaseMd, and CO2 dot laser. These excellent options make her a full-fledged professional for skin-related problems of people with varying skin types.

A Revolutionary Scholar 

Allergan and Galderma acknowledge her mastery of these arts. It is evident as the brilliant injector is a trainer in both of these USA’s biggest aesthetic medicine companies. Perhaps that’s where she found her love for teaching. 

The scholar aesthetic expert plans on starting her personalized classes in Skin365. It aims to nurture and educate the future generation of talented injectors. Within the next year, she can see her dreams turning into a reality. From there, she will steadily work to expand her expertise. 

There Isn’t Any Competition – Just Learning.

Our brilliant aesthetic nurse believes that everyone in the industry is an artist in their unique manner. Thus, there isn’t any competition. The aim shouldn’t be to compete but to strive each day to provide your services with maximum efficacy.

This thought process has led her to land several prestigious clients around the world. Of course, it’s all thanks to her interest as a teenager to become a nurse. 

From a young girl of New Mexico to a top 1% Aesthetic nurse, Elizabeth Sommers has sure come a long way. From here on, you can expect her to keep scoring more achievements.

Written by Monella