Elle Mills Reveals Her Sexuality in a Beautifully Honest and Inspiring New Video

Even in this day and age, it is hard for people to be honest with each other; especially when it comes to sexuality.

For many young adults, figuring out that they like someone of the same sex is absolutely horrifying. Heterosexuality is unintentionally pushed from day one, from nearly all romance films being about a man and a woman, and practically all mainstream love songs focusing on a straight couple. While the media has gotten better over the years, we are still far from seeing an appropriate representation of all sexualities.

While television shows and novels have begun to dive into the world of same-sex couples, most of them don’t go much deeper. Without trying to, the media tends to erase sexualities other than gay and straight, despite there being a spectrum.

Bisexuality has become a hot topic, yet it is barely touched on. Invalidating misconceptions are constantly thrown around, and for people who like both men and women, it can be suffocating for them.

For someone trying to come out as bisexual to their peers, it can be insanely challenging. When the media does touch on bisexuality, the majority of the time, it is painted in an incorrect light. This causes people outside of the community to make inaccurate assumptions, which leads to them viewing their friends and family as someone they’re not.

Bisexuals are overwhelmingly aware of the lack of understanding. Sometimes, it creates such a strong fear in people that they decide that hiding how they feel is a better option than coming out.

In less than five minutes, YouTuber Elle Mills was able to put it more into perspective.

Like every social media star, fans have constantly pushed Elle about her sexuality (which is insanely inappropriate and unfair, but that is a whole other story). To finally answer them, she published a video labeled ‘COMING OUT (ELLE MILLS STYLE)’.

After Elle showed proof that people constantly questioning whether or not she is gay, she quickly went to explain that she ‘has always found boys cute’. She then went on to explain that she felt other attractions as well.

Like many other members of the LGBTQ+ community, Elle explained that she tried to repress her feelings. Undoubtedly, despite current advances, it is still incredibly easier to be straight than anything else. However, Elle quickly figured out that trying to deny your own feelings doesn’t change them. After coming out to a practical stranger when she was slightly under the influence, she knew she couldn’t continue living the way she was.

For many, coming out can be very difficult. As much as some deny it, relationships can end up changing once the truth is out. This is usually one of the biggest concerns, and a lot of the time can lead to depression. Elle explained this through her struggle with telling her closest friends. It was so stressful for her that she broke down after explaining.

Elle went on to show how heterosexuality is almost always inferred if a person doesn’t say something otherwise. With vague details, she asked some of her closest peers to draw what they thought her current crush would look like. Every single one of them drew a male figure. After the drawings were shown, Elle let each of them see the picture of her crush, who is female. The video goes on to be cheerful, all of her friends seeming to be happy and supportive of her decision (which is incredible).

It is then that it takes a turn.

Away from the humor and brightness Elle usually shows, she added in a video from three nights before she told her family the news. It is clear that she is emotional, and she spoke about her fears that many LGBTQ+ members understand. She was scared that people would start to look at her different due to her sexuality. She yet again explained how depressing hiding who she was had become.

It then again shifted to a happier tone, with Elle singing with her friends as they went out to buy supplies. She decided to come out by covering her garage in rainbow wrapping paper, and waiting for her family to come home and see. Her mother and brother show to be as supportive as her friends were, showering her with hugs and acceptance.

To end the video, Elle reintroduced herself, stating “Hi, I’m Elle Mills, and I’m bisexual.”

While it wasn’t long, it didn’t have to be. Elle’s video beautifully described her coming out journey in a way that was not only humorous but completely honest. In a world where bisexuality tends to be erased, Elle’s video is remarkably relevant. She explained and even showed everyone how she felt during the process. The feelings she held aren’t uncommon for people who are struggling to come out, and this video has the potential to help them through it.

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You are not alone. If you are struggling, reach out. There is nothing wrong with needing help.

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Written by Jessica Brown

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