Ellen makes an autistic dancing barista’s dream come true

He was termed ‘unemployable’ but as they say, where there’s will, there’s way. Sam is autistic and at present, works as a barista at Starbucks. Last month, a video of him dancing behind a Starbucks espresso machine while working went viral.

Sam as mentioned earlier wasn’t considered ‘fit’ for job, any job for that matter but his manager Chris proved this notion wrong. In a conversation with Ellen on her show The Ellen DeGeneres Show , he told her that he met Sam at a camp and found an instant connection with this 17 year old boy. Sam was called for an interview and was handed the job. According to Sam, his job ‘changed his life and his whole world’.  He also explained why he dances while he is working. According to Sam, it helps him ‘concentrate’ in his work.

Like everyone, Sam too had a dream. He told Ellen that he’s been fascinated with Japan since he was just 4 years old. Ellen made his dream come true with the help of Shutterfly which gave him an opportunity to visit his dream country, Japan.

She also applauded Chris for his amazing work and gave him a surprise. He’s been invited to practise with Raptors, his favorite basketball team.

Ellen has always helped people fulfill their dreams and this was just an addition to the list.

We wish Sam good luck for his trip and an amazing future ahead.

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Written by Ayushi

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