Ellen pays a touching tribute to the Obamas

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have spent one last day at the White House. For the past few days, the pair have been sharing farewell messages. Today, as a new chapter began, the couple bid farewell to America one last time.

During her course as a first lady, Michelle Obama laid a great emphasis on education. Even in her farewell speech, she made sure to convey how important it is for people to educate themselves.

As a President, Barack Obama made some significant decisions including the legalisation of same sex marriage. Gratitude poured from all corners – it was indeed a heartfelt moment.

The couple have individually inspired people in different ways. Now that their tenure is over, many people including Ellen DeGeneres made sure to share their tributes to the Obamas with the world.

Before sharing her tribute, Ellen said because of him [President] “I am a legally married woman and so is my wife”.

From the time in 2007, when Barack Obama first made his appearance on the show to the time when the ex-President awarded Ellen the “Medal of Freedom”, Ellen shared a video of her journey with the Obamas.

Check out her touching tribute below:

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