Photo credit: Madison Phipps

Ellie Goulding releases 80’s-tinged anthem “Like A Saviour” ahead of new album out March 24

It would be an understatement to call Ellie Goulding a pop megastar at this point in her career – I’d refine that as “Pop stalwart – however you want to define Ellie Goulding is entirely up to you, however, the British artist is undeniably fantastic to listen to, and her newest single “Like A Saviour” is the latest offering off her upcoming album, due out for release in March.

Ellie’s newest song is a heavy, pulsating euphoric anthem that features strong basslines, and a mixture of 80’s-tinged synths, and that glorious voice fans from around the world have come to love about her across her arsenal of a high energy pop smashes.

The above music video – directed by Joe Connor with choreography by Daniel Alwell – features Ellie and a cohort of backing dancers, making their way through a stranded desert, whilst they must battle as the song reaches its epic conclusion.

“We’ve had some exciting opportunities appear behind the scenes which I cannot wait to share with you in due course,” Ellie reveals on her socials about the new release and album. “In the meantime thank you for your patience.”

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