Ellie Goulding Shuts Down Songs Inspiration Rumors

With any killer new single, naturally people begin speculating on who was the inspiration.

Ellie Goulding released “On My Mind” yesterday and it instantly become a hit. She sat down with MTV to discuss it all, and of course talk of the guy who had to have influenced the song.

“…I’m sorry to all the people that want it to be about someone – it’s not, it’s like a myth. There’s no one to think about. It’s just a fun song.” Ellie stated. “That’s the beauty of song writing; there’s no rules. It doesn’t have to be about one person. It doesn’t have to be about one subject.”

Goulding had previously stated to Elle UK this past summer: “I did go on a few dates with Niall, but I was never in a relationship with Ed.”. Hmmm…

Since the song seems to be about no one in particular, we’ll just fantasize over some dreamy guy with tattoos that Ellie sings about that is perfectly imperfect in every way.

Written by CelebMix