Elliot Fletcher Speaks Out About Transphobia!

Elliot Fletcher has recently spoken up on his Snapchat (elliot.fletch) about Transphobia and we couldn’t agree with him more!

Elliot recently made his big debut appearance as a trans person on the now, unfortunately, cancelled show ‘Faking It’ and although his time on the show was short, he was a truly inspiring addition!

Elliot took to Snapchat to rant about transphobic people and he has made three very good points that people really need to think about and be aware of! Here are the three points quoted exactly from his Snapchat:

  1. “If you say you aren’t attracted to a person because of the fact that they are transgender, that’s transphobic!”
  2. “If you are cisgender you can not dictate what is and is not transphobic!”
  3. “Trans people are not your walking encyclopaedia, it is not our job to answer every question you have about the trans community. If you have a question, there’s Google!”

Can we get an amen!? Elliot is an extremely inspiring person who seems to be winning over everybody’s hearts on social media and now our television screens!

Make sure to catch Elliot on season four of ‘The Fosters’ Monday, June 20th.

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Written by ShelbyAmess

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