The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Tweets Ever

Since launch in 2006, Twitter has grown to become one of the leading social media platforms in the world today. It has given us a way to connect with the world, sharing opinions, jokes, images and a lot more vesides. Celebrities, however, have seen it as an important tool in their relationship with their fans as many of the, rely on Twitter to shut down rumours, give first hand updates and generally interact with their fans.

Unfortunately, Twitter thrives on impulsive communication. Anyone could send out a tweet in the midst of a game with emotions running high or when relaxed and enjoying a game from any of the sites on  This gives room for lots of bloopers from celebrities on a daily basis. Some of them regret their action and delete the tweets later (after users have already captured the tweet) while others remain defiant even when the folly of their ways is exposed.  This piece takes a look at some of the most embarrassing celebrity tweets.

Jason Biggs on Malaysian Airlines


Just over an hour after the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 crashed, Jason Biggs went on twitter to say  “Anyone wanna  buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?”. Needless to say that most of the people that saw the tweet laid into him for the offensive and insensitive tweet.  He deleted the tweet later and issued a four tweet apology.

Manny Pacquiao on Homosexuals

If there is one topic that draws crowd rage and attention every single time on social media it is homosexuality. It is no surprise therefore that when Manny Pacquiao compared homosexuals to animals, he lost nearly all his Twitter followers.  He had nearly 2 million followers during his fight with Floyd Mayweather but at the heat of the comparison, he had just 5,000!

Gilbert Gotfried on the Japan Tsunami


In 2011, when the world was mourning with Japan over the tsunami, Gibert Gottfried deemed it a good time to tweet insensitive jokes. One of such jokes said “Japan is really advanced. They don’t go to the beach. The beach comes to them.”  He lost his job and lost many Twitter followers.  He eventually released an apology but it was already too late.

Kim Kardashian’s Cat Gate

This list would be incomplete without something from everyone’s favourite celebrity (Ha!).  When she is not posting nude photos, she is rustling jimmies elsewhere.  In many cases, most of her fans and neutrals find nothing wrong with her actions but in 2010, her supporters were few when she tweeted a photo of her holding a cat (the internet’s favourite animal) by the scruff of its neck.  Animal cruelty was alleged instantly and the fire raged on for a fair few hours until she went on her blog to claim that the cat was picked up in the presence of the vet and its owner and that the image was for professional use. She also stated her love for animals and that the cat was fine.  That qualifies as an apology in her books!

50 Cent on the Japan Tsunami


Similar to Gotfreid’s folly, 50 Cent tweeted Tsunami jokes about how boys in Japan can go surfing and how the girls will be screaming after their Christain Louboutin shoes floating down the street. True to type, he never apologised.

Jim Carrey on Elin Woods


At the peak of Tiger Woods, infidelity scandal, many people had a lot to say on the issue including Jim Carrey. He tweeted “No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity. Elin had to be a willing participant on the ride for whatever reason. Kids/Lifestyle”.

Anthony Weiner and his underwear


Anthony Weiner tweeted a photo of his private parts in underwear and thus destroyed his political career. He blamed it on hackers but no one bought. Investigations confirmed what we all knew.

They goof nearly every day these days, but these are some of the most embarrassing twitter episodes featuring celebrities.


Written by CelebMix