The most embarrassing live TV moments of 2015

One of the reasons we love live TV so much is because of the awkward, uncomfortable and embarrassing mistakes that occasionally happen, which are talked about for months after they occur. Here’s a roundup of some of the most embarrassing live mistakes of 2015.

Olly Murs X Factor Blunder

Although Olly believes his mistake has been “massively blown out of proportion” it’s hard to ignore his awkward mistake during the X Factor live shows in week 3. When the judges were undecided about who would be sent home, he told contestant Monica that she would be “unfortunately going home” without the usual suspense, at which point Caroline jumped in telling Olly he was wrong and the vote would be taken to deadlock – awkward! What a big MURStake…..

Madonna’s cape fail at the Brit Awards

Madonna was left red faced after one of her backing dancers tried to whip off her cape, which appeared to be stuck – unfortunately the gesture backfired as she fell backwards down a couple of steps mid performance, in front of 5.4 million viewers…

Niall Horan’s Masters Trip

 When Niall caddied for Rory Mcllroy at the 2015 Masters Golf competition, he somehow managed to fall over live on TV with the set of golf clubs. Interviewer Kirsty Gallacher response “Oh no Niall!” went viral – with fans and even bandmate Louis tweeting the phrase and laughing at his unfortunate timing.

Eastenders Live Disaster – “How’s Adam?”

Eastenders Actress Jo Joyner made a big mistake in the 30th anniversary live episode earlier this year, referring to the character Ian Beale as the actors name instead, Adam Woodyatt. In a scene with characters Jane and Tanya, Jo Joyner who plays Tanya asks “How’s Adam?” instead of “How’s Ian?” which took her co-star by surprise and created arguably one of the most awkward Eastenders scenes ever. It was quickly picked up on by twitter, memes and vines being created with the phrase “How’s Adam?” and many co-stars tweeting about the slip up, that’s live TV for you!


The winner of Miss Universe 2015 is…

 The most recent but none the less most awkward live moment of the year has to be Steve Harvey crowning the wrong girl as ‘Miss Universe.’ He initially announced Miss Columbia as the winner when it should have in fact been Miss Philippines. To make it worse the wrong girl was crowned, given flowers and cheered for many minutes before Harvey returned to the stage to remove her crown and rectify his mistake. If you haven’t seen it yet you can see the awkwardness for yourself here:



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Written by CelebMix