Emblem3 Releases “End of the Summer” Music Video!

Looking for a summer jam? Well, Emblem3 has got you covered. Their single “End of the Summer” is definitely a song we’re blasting before our final exams and long after we’re back in school. You may have heard on Spotify or the official Emblem3 app. But whether you’ve had it on repeat on various platforms or you haven’t heard it yet, this music video is one you’ll want to see!


How do we describe this music video? In a word: Awesome. Maybe our invite to Keaton, Wesley, and Drew’s party of the lifetime got lost in the mail but nevertheless, it’s one of our favourite Emblem3 music videos to date. Come on. Coloured smoke while skating? Cliff diving? It’s probably a summer we’d love to have.

Emblem3 Releases "End of the Summer" Music Video! 2

First of all, Kyle Miner, one of the original members of Emblem3 (or a spot-on lookalike) shows up and saves the day. Continuing on with this little throwback, they’re just the way we remember first seeing them on The X Factor: sunburnt and skateboarding. They’re staying true to their roots while having the time of their lives.

You can find the video here.

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