Emblem3 Releases New Self-Titled App

As if Emblem3’s recent world tour announcement wasn’t exciting enough, the band has also released their own self-titled app, which is free on both Android and Apple devices! According to TheWrap’s recent interview with the band, the app is “fan-friendly” and will feature their new EP Waking Up.

Using social media and technology, the trio hopes to change the music industry. As mentioned in their new song Now, they’ve had a history of tension with their label, who forced them to conform to an unauthentic image, and “damn near broke the band up.” But ever since being released from the label and coming back from their hiatus, the boys are free to call their own shots and do things the right way, the Emblem3 way.

Their new app is the fruit of that determination. Fans can access special E3-themed articons; download a Now ringtone; stream Waking UpSongs from the Couch Volume 1, and Nothing to Lose; and much more — all for free!

You can download their app for Android devices here, and for Apple devices here.

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Written by CelebMix