What is Emilie de Ravin’s Snapchat?

Snapchat is a common form of social media used by quite a lot of celebrities to keep fans updated with their day to day lives. Due to this, it can be easy to lose track of who does/doesn’t have snapchat, but with our handy CelebMix Snapchat Bible you can easily find everyone so you can add them.

One of the many celebrities to have a snapchat account is actress Emilie de Ravin. She uses snapchat to keep people updated on her day to day life and is not something to be missed. Especially not if you’re a fan of her or any of her Once Upon A Time co-stars as she occasionally treats us to snapchats with them. Make sure you add her so you don’t miss out!

What is Emilie de Ravin’s snapchat?

You can follow Emilie de Ravin using itsemderavin.

Who else should you be following on snapchat?

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