Emily Canham Nails the One Hour Song Challenge with Chris and James Bourne and Katy for Kings.

YouTube challenges are some of the most bizarre things on this planet. From the ‘Chapstick Challenge’ (where two YouTubers have to kiss to guess the flavour of each other lip balm) to Mukbangs (ordering a whole load of food and then eating it on camera whilst talking). But one challenge that has stood out for its creativity is the ‘One Hour Song Challenge’ first started by Joe Sugg. The challenge saw Joe team up with singer-songwriters Conor Maynard and Byron Langley to fully create and produce a song within an hour. The results were brilliant, with the song peaking at number one on the iTunes chart. Watch Joe’s One Hour Song Challenge here.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, beauty guru and vlogger Emily Canham decided herself to film her own One Hour challenge. She may not have had Maynard or Langley on speed-dial to help write and produce the song, but she did have her own all-star line-up. Emily called Chris Bourne, who has not only written for Busted and 5sos but also enjoyed success in band Hollywood Ending and paved his own epic solo career; Katy for Kings, who is an up and coming songstress with one of the most angelic voices about; and, Emily’s last secret weapon for the challenge was none other than, the Busted and Son of Dork icon James Bourne.

The video shows the group finding the words to express how hard a long distance relationship can be, talking about time zones, empty spaces and the trials and tribulations of not having that person there to spend time with. Although Emily is the only one within the squad with no musical background, she impresses all with her lyrics. And of course, James and younger brother Chris create an epic and heartfelt musical production to follow suit. Alas, the final song created is named “Time and Choices”.

Not only within the hour do Emily and co, create the ballad, but there also is an interval where Chris and James bust into the Busted and Mcfly back catalogues.

To finalise the whole songwriting process, Katy takes the mic and performs the One Hour Song beautifully, even releasing a full and polished version of “Time and Choices” on her own YouTube channel.

What a song! Well done Emily, Chris, Katy and James.

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Written by NikiSmith

I really like busted.