Eminem releases “Walk on Water” in collaboration with Beyonce

Success is consequent of hard work but when success becomes a habit for the admirers as well as the individual, there is only a little room left for failure. The reason being that the individual is always anxious of the fact that one failed attempt would tarnish past wins and would make everything a matter of luck.

Eminem tries to explain the hardships of being successful and the pressure of fans’ expectations in his new single “Walk on Water”. The single was released on 10th November, 2017.

For this track, he collaborated with Beyonce. The song has been produced by Rick Rubin with co-production from Skylar Grey.

“Walk on Water” begins on a vulnerable note, warning the listener of verses that he/she is about to encounter. Eminem strips down the facade of an “idol” that a fan creates, by pointing out flaws in himself and his work. He also brings forth the “paradox” of an artist’s success into picture. As per the rapper, the fame of a singer is limited by the factor of time and when “time” comes and an era culminates, the industry, as well as the fans, makes sure to dethrone the singer and replace him/her with a new character. This is clearly evident in his lyrics:

There was a time I had the world by the balls, eatin’ out my palm
Every album song I was spazzin’ the fuck out on
And now I’m gettin’ clowned and frowned on
But the only one who’s looking down on me that matters now’s DeShaun — am I lucky to be around this long?
Begs the question though
Especially after the methadone
As yesterday fades and the Dresden home
Is burnt to the ground, and all that’s left of my house is lawn
The crowds are gone

The main objective of the song then, seems to critique unrealistic expectations by showing that artists are not invincible. The shaming culture that is so prevalent in showbiz and fandom wars is harmful and affects one deeply on both a personal and professional level.

The rapper’s disappointment in people for their lack of sympathy towards artists is quite evident in the single. Showcasing himself as a one man army, he ends the song on a powerful note. As long as he has his art, he will continue to produce the best he possibly can, just like he produced “Stan” :

Cause I’m just a man
But as long as I got a mic, I’m godlike
So me and you are not alike
Bitch, I wrote “Stan”

Beyonce’s voice gives the song a a beautiful depth and it complements Eminem’s verses really well.

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