Emma Thomas on Casting Harry Styles in ‘Dunkirk’

When it was revealed that Harry Styles had been cast in Christoper Nolan’s Dunkirk some fans responded with criticism. Was it his name that got him the part? Was it because he had already paved a path in music and wanted to be a ‘cross-over’ musician and actor? Would it be that easy for Styles to just walk onto the scene, and if so, why would Nolan be drawn like a moth to fame.

However, those who know Nolan’s work, as well as Harry’s know that none of those things are true. It’s been said before that Harry auditioned like everyone else did and that his name almost made it more difficult for him because Nolan wasn’t going to take him just because he is already in the entertainment industry.

Recently, Emma Thomas, film producer and Nolan’s wife, also spoke about Harry being cast and how it was no more a risky move than bringing anyone else on board.

Was it a risk to cast someone so well known, and yet such an unknown quantity? ‘It didn’t feel risky at all because he auditioned the same way everyone else did. Over the course of days of coming back to audition, giving it his best, Harry was absolutely right for the part, and it didn’t feel any more a risk casting him than it did casting anyone else. There’s always the risk that people can’t get past the persona, but the truth is he’s a great actor. I think when you watch him in the movie he utterly sucks you in. He’s not Harry Styles anymore, in the same way that Fionn isn’t Fionn Whitehead anymore – he’s Tommy.

Dunkirk‘s release is just weeks away now but with each trailer, television spot, interactive web page, and poster fans were given – we learned that we aren’t just expecting a film, we’re expecting an entire experience. Dunkirk will be told in three parts; land, sea, and air, and will follow soldiers through tragedy, struggle, lots of drowning (as Harry explained in an interview), and some triumph as well.

We can’t wait to see Dunkirk and are absolutely convinced that Harry, and the entire cast, have given their all to the roles they took on.

Written by Ashley

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